Two studies show that 5G caused the microwave syndrome in healthy persons

February 16, 2023

A new case study shows that installing a 5G base station on the roof above an office caused symptoms of microwave syndrome in two previously healthy men. The study is in line with a previous case study that also showed that 5G rapidly caused microwave syndrome in previously healthy people. These appear to be the first two studies in the world on the health effects of exposure to real 5G.

The new study, published in February 2023, like the previous one published in January 2023, was conducted by Dr Lennart Hardell from the Environment and Cancer Research Foundation in Sweden and Mona Nilsson from the Swedish Radiation Protection Foundation.

In both of these case studies, a previous 3G/4G base station was replaced with 5G equipment placed on the roof directly above the dwellings of the studied subjects. Measurements of the microwave radiation from the base stations showed that in both cases 5G caused extremely high radiation. The high 5G radiation caused the development of symptoms typical of the microwave syndrome within a short time period in all persons living or working under the base station. In both studies, the persons tolerated 3G/4G but their health deteriorated rapidly after switching to 5G.

The new study

In the new study, a maximum of 1 180 000 μW/m2 was measured in the office room directly below the 5G base station. In the office, totaling 3 rooms, two men, 57 and 42 years old, respectively, worked. The two IT and management consultants had not previously experienced health problems from the 3G/4G base station that was placed on the roof for several years. After the 3G/4G antennas were replaced by 5G equipment, both men developed typical symptoms of microwave syndrome in a short time, mainly headaches, joint pain, tinnitus, abnormal fatigue, sleep disturbances, burning skin, anxiety and concentration problems. One of the two also suffered from toothache.

All symptoms disappeared in a short time after the men moved to other offices/homes with much lower radiation exposure.

The previous study

This earlier study, published in January in Annals of Case Reports, was a follow-up and extension of the study published in Swedish in February 2022 in Medicinsk Access. The study reported that a man and a woman living in an apartment at the top of a building developed symptoms of microwave syndrome within a few days after 5G was put into operation directly above them. Also in this case, a 3G/4G base station had been active on the same spot for several years, but it was when 5G replaced it that the health problems arose very quickly. Within a few days, the symptoms were so severe that the two persons had to leave their apartment. The maximum value measured was more than 2,500,000 μW/m2, which is the highest maximum value that the meter used can measure. The actual radiation may thus have been even higher. Again, the symptoms disappeared after moving to another dwelling with much lower radiation

”Groundbreaking studies”

According to Dr Lennart Hardell, a world-leading scientists on cancer risks from radiation similar to that emitted from 5G base stations, these two first case studies on health impact from 5G are ”groundbreaking”.

Lennart Hardell, an oncologist and epidemiologist, reminds us that cancer risks from the chemicals phenoxy herbicides contaminated with dioxins, were first published by him as a case report in 1977.  Twenty years later these dioxines were classified by the IARC within the WHO as carcinogenic to humans, Group 1:

– This reminds me on my first studies on phenoxy herbicides and dioxins – all started with case reports. In 1977 we published a report on a series of patients who had been spraying phenoxy herbicides for the Swedish Forestry and who subsequently developed soft-tissue sarcoma.

Case reports are important as the first waning of a health hazard that may involve many persons. This may be the case for 5G and these results must be taken seriously, according to Dr Lennart Hardell.

5G is rolled out without studies on health impact

5G has been rolled out for several years now. However these case studies are the first investigations hitherto on health effects of exposure to 5G. As far as we know, there is no previous research worldwide on the health effects of exposure to real 5G.

Consequently there is no research showing that 5G does not harm human or animal health, i.e. that 5G is safe. The telecom companies have not been asked by regulators to demonstrate that 5G is not harmful, in spite of the fact that they are allowed  to expose people in their own homes to an extreme increase of microwave radiation with untested 5G frequencies and untested pulse-modulation. Similar microwave radiation at lower frequencies  has repeatedly been shown  to be harmful for people living near base stations at levels far lower than those measured from 5G.

– These two studies show that 5G is very dangerous to health and that the scientists and doctors who have been warning for years of serious consequences for human health due to a predicted massive increase in microwave radiation (5G Appeal) have been right in their assessments, says Mona Nilsson.

Much lower limits have been recommended

The levels measured in these two first studies of 5G are extremely much higher than the levels recommended by several independent expert bodies. They are also very much higher than the levels that previous research has shown to cause the microwave syndrome, cancer and other negative health effects in people living close to 2G or 3G base stations.

Below are examples of  the recommended levels by various bodies compared to the high levels measured in these two 5G studies and to the ICNIRP guidelines that are adopted by a majority of countries over the world:

2001, EU Parliament, STOA: max 100 μW/m2

2002, Salzburg Health Department, indoor exposure: max 1 μW/m2

2011, Council of Europe, Parliamentary Assembly: max 100 μW/m2

2012, BioInitiative Group: max 3-6 μW/m2 (average)

2016, EuropaEM EMF Guidelines: max 0.1 -100 μW/m2 depending on frequency and sensitivity

2023, First 5G case study, (Hardell, Nilsson): 2 500 000 μW/m2

2023, Second 5G case study, (Nilsson Hardell): 1 180 000 μW/m2

ICNIRP 1998 limit value 3G/4G/5G: 10 000 000 μW/m2 (mean 6 min, maximum x 1000)


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