April 25, 2023

Critique of EU Commission expert opinion report on radiofrequency radiation from wireless technology – EU Commission hand-picked expert report authors known for bias towards telecom business needs

Today two European NGO:s, specialized on the health risks from radiofrequency radiation (RFR) emitted by modern wireless technology, published an in-depth critical review of the latest EU Commission expert group report on RFR. The EU expert report is heavily biased and appears to be predetermined to dismiss health risks below the ICNIRP limits of maximum exposure to RFR. By doing so, the EU report greenlights the adoption of the ICNIRP 2020 exposure limits that allow RFR at levels shown to cause harmful effects, but are favorable to the telecommunications industry.

In august 2022, the EU Commission released a draft opinion report on the possible risks from exposure to radiofrequency radiation (RFR) emitted by 5G, 4G, cellphones, Wi-Fi etc. This SCHEER Opinion report recommended the adoption of the ICNIRP 2020 limits which, if adopted, will allow even more harmful levels of RFR. The ICNIRP limits only protect against acute thermal effects of RFR, occurring when the radiation is so intense that it causes a temperature increase by one degree Celsius within 30 minutes of exposure. The ICNIRP limits do not protect against any long term or short term non-thermal effects.

ICNIRP limits are important to the industry

Lower limits than those recommended by ICNIRP are considered to negatively impact the telecommunications industry. It will become difficult or impossible to roll out 5G if 100 times lower limits are applied according to a leading infrastructure provider on 5G. However, medical and scientific experts in the field demand much lower limits in order to protect against documented harmful health effects from chronic exposure.

A history of selection of pro- ICNIRP experts

The critical review report, prepared by from the Council for Safe Telecommunications, Denmark and the Swedish Radiation Protection Foundation, shows that the EU commission has a history of only selecting pro-ICNIRP experts, not allowing one single representative from the hundreds of scientists representing the abundance of scientific evidence for health effects below the ICNIRP limits. Read more.

April 12, 2023

Third Study shows that radiation from a 5G base station provokes the Microwave Syndrome

A third study from Swedish researchers Dr Lennart Hardell and Mona Nilsson, shows that deployment of a 5G base station caused symptoms of the Microwave Syndrome in a woman living in an apartment at 60 meters from the antennas.

In this case report we present a woman aged 52 years who de-veloped health problems consistent with the microwave syndromeafter installation of a 5G base station facing her apartment at 60meters’ distance. These symptoms consisted of e.g., headache, diz-ziness, concentration difficulties, fatigue, arrhythmia, skin burning and nose bleeding corresponding to the microwave syndrome. High radiofrequency (RF) radiation levels were measured in herapartment especially in the part closest to the base station. In her living room at the window 17 500 to 758 000 μW/m2 peak levels were obtained during 10 measurements, each over 1 minute. At the place of her sofa in her living room peak levels from 36 800 to 222 000 μW/m2 were measured. It is noteworthy that very high radiation was found at the balcony facing the base station. All ten
measurements at that place yielded within 10-15 seconds peak levels >2 500 000 μW/m2, which is the highest measurable level with the meter used in this study. At the playground about 40 meters from the base station peak levels of 1 120 000 μW/m2 and 479 000 μW/m2 were measured, respectively. After temporally leaving the apartment for another dwelling with much lower RF radiation, 96 to 2 810 μW/m2 peak levels, almost all symptoms disappeared within a short time. After moving back to her own apartment the symptoms reappeared. This study is in line with the results of our two previous case studies showing that installation of 5G caused an extreme increase in exposure and rapid development of the mi- crowave syndrome. These case studies indicate that implementa-tion of 5G cannot be done without the risk of harmful effects on human health. Read more

March 3, 2023

Nordic Appeal: More Stringent Regulatory Framework on Microwave Radiation from Wireless Technologies is Needed – Stop Further Rollout of 5G

Abstract: In recent years, people’s exposure to pulsed radiofrequency (RF) or microwave radiation from wireless technologies has exploded, mainly due to the roll-out of 5G. In addition to more base stations, millions of so-called smart water and electricity meters are being installed. This technology is forced upon people near or in their own homes, despite a complete lack of research showing that 5G and wireless water and electricity meters are not harmful to
human health. At the same time, the first two studies to date on the effects of 5G have shown that 5G base stations cause adverse health effects in humans and that radiation similar to 5G damages
neurons in the brain in animal experiments. The brain damage observed could eventually lead to Alzheimer’s and other neurological diseases. In parallel with this explosion in radiation exposure, guidelines for permissible radiation are still being applied based on a seriously outdated approach. These guidelines only protect humans from harmful effects resulting from extreme intensive exposure that causes acute warming of the body. This means that people are completely unprotected from a range of harmful effects, such as cancer, DNA damage, oxidative stress and neurological effects that the science has repeatedly shown occur at levels well below these guidelines. They offer no protection whatsoever against
harmful effects on biodiversity. Given what is known today about the risks of this technology, it must be considered a violation of human rights to impose this harmful radiation on people in their own homes without their informed consent. More stringent regulatory framework on microwave radiation from wireless technologies is urgently needed. In the meantime, further rollout of 5G must be stopped. (pdf)

February 16, 2023

Second study shows that a 5G base station caused the microwave syndrome in two previously healthy men

A new case study published in Annals of Clinical Case Reports shows that installing a 5G base station on the roof above an office caused symptoms of microwave syndrome in two previously healthy men. The study is in line with a previous case study that also showed that 5G rapidly caused microwave syndrome in previously healthy people. These are the first two studies in the world on the health effects of exposure to real 5G.

The new study, published in February, like the previous one published in January, was conducted by Dr Lennart Hardell from the Environment and Cancer Foundation in Sweden and Mona Nilsson from the Swedish Radiation Protection Foundation.

In both of these case studies, a previous 3G/4G base station was replaced with 5G equipment placed on the roof directly above the subjects studied. Measurements of the microwave radiation from the base stations showed that in both cases 5G caused extremely high radiation. The high 5G radiation caused the development of symptoms typical of microwave syndrome within a short time period in all persons living or working under the base station. In both studies, the persons tolerated 3G/4G but their health deteriorated rapidly after switching to 5G. Read more


January 11, 2023

First study on health effects from a 5G base station – massive increased microwave radiation exposure caused the microwave syndrome within a few days

Today the first case study on health effects from a 5G base station was published. The study authored by Dr Lennart Hardell from The Environment and Cancer Research Foundation and Mona Nilsson from The Swedish Radiation Protection Foundation, found that a 5G base station on the roof above an apartment caused a massive increase in measured microwave radiation and severe symptoms within two days. The rapidly emerging symptoms after
the 5G deployment were typical for the microwave syndrome with e.g., neurological symptoms, tinnitus, fatigue, insomnia, emotional distress, skin disorders, and blood pressure variability. The symptoms were more pronounced in the woman.”

5G has been rolled out since several years now without any previous studies showing that 5G base station radiation exposure at levels commonly occuring in peoples homes or public space is safe for human health. This is the first study ever done on real 5G exposure and it shows rapidly deteriorating health from the 5G base station.

Hardell et Nilsson write: ”This medical history can be regarded as a classic provocation test. The RF radiation levels in the apartment were well below the limit proposed to be “safe” below which no health effects would occur, recommended by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation (ICNIRP). These now presented symptoms of the microwave syndrome were caused by non-thermal effects from RF radiation
and highlight that the ICNIRP guidelines used in most countries including Sweden do not protect human health. Guidelines based on all biological negative effects from RF radiation are urgently needed, as well as monitoring human health, not the least due to rapidly increasing levels of exposure.” Read the full study  The Microwave Syndrome after Installation of 5G Emphasizes the Need forProtection from Radiofrequency Radiation on this link

December 12,  2021

Nordic Appeal from 11 NGO´s – calling for better protection against wireless technology


In a joint letter, representatives from 11 Nordic organisations active in the field of health risks from radiation from wireless technology, request that humans and the environment be better protected. People are today completely unprotected from a variety of harmful effects, such as cancer and neurological damage, which the research has repeatedly shown occurs at levels well below current ”safety limits”.

Read the letter

February 8, 2018

Anders Ahlbom and Maria Feychting mislead about research on health effects from electromagnetic fields in new report

In 2017 the Public Health Agency of Sweden (Folkhälsomyndigheten) published a report on environmental health issues (Miljöhälsorapport 2017) that included a section on EMF health risks authored by Anders Ahlbom (AA) and Maria Feychting (MF), both professors from the Karolinska Institute. The report from Anders Ahlbom and Maria Feychting is grossly misleading about what has been reported from the research.

Read the article

January 14, 2017

Cancers in the head and neck are increasing in Sweden

Cancers in the head and the neck are increasing in Sweden according to the latest cancer incidence data from the Swedish Cancer Registry. Cancers in the thyroid and the mouth are among the cancers that have seen the sharpest rise during the last decade but also the trend for cancers of the pituitary are on the rise. Among men aged 50 -79 years malignant brain tumours, grade 3-4 are also increasing visibly. The increase of these cancers has coincided with increasing use of mobile phones during the same time period while the increasing trend of malignant brain tumours, gliomas, might be an effect of long term use of mobile phones. 

Read more and see all the diagrams.

September 14, 2017

Scientists and Doctors Demand Moratorium on 5G

Increased radiation from 5G rollout poses potential serious health risks, say scientists and doctors from around the world and they urge the EU to halt 5G roll out

Over 180 scientists and doctors from 35 countries sent a declaration to officials of the European Commission today demanding a moratorium on the increase of cell antennas for planned 5G expansion. Concerns over health effects from higher radiation exposure include potential neurological impacts, infertility, and cancer.

“The wireless industry is trying to deploy technology that may have some very real unintended harmful consequences,” explains one of the organizers of the letter, Lennart Hardell, MD, PhDAssociate Professor, Department of Oncology, Faculty of Medicine and Health, Örebro University, Örebro, Sweden. “Scientific studies from years ago along with many new studies are consistently identifying harmful human health impacts when wireless products are tested properly using conditions that reflect actual exposures. With hazards at those exposures, we are very concerned that the added exposure to 5G radiation could result in tragic, irreversible harm.”

5G expansion, which is designed to carry higher loads of data more rapidly through wireless transmission, will require the construction of cell towers every 10-20 houses in urban areas.

In their letter to the European Commission, the scientists write:

“We, the undersigned, more than 180 scientists and doctors from 35 nations, recommend a moratorium on the roll-out of the fifth generation, 5G, for telecommunication until potential hazards for human health and the environment have been fully investigated by scientists independent from industry.”

University of California, Berkeley public health researcher Joel Moskowitz, PhD, explains:

“Peer-reviewed research has documented industry influence on studies of the health impacts of wireless radiation. We are insisting on a moratorium on 5G until non-industry research can be conducted to ensure the safety of the public.”

Read more

October 26, 2016

Doctors confirm thyroid cancer is increasing in Sweden

kvinna_smartmobil_thyroidA new scientific article from leading Swedish epidemiologist and oncologist Lennart Hardell’s research team confirms that there is a substantial increase in patients diagnosed with thyroid cancer during recent years in Sweden as well as in other Nordic countries. The increase has coincided with the growing use of so called ”smart phones”. These popular phones expose the radiation sensitive thyroid to high radiation due to the antenna’s placement at the lower part of the device. Another possible factor behind the increase is increased use of computed tomography in health care.

The researchers examined cases of thyroid cancer reported to the Swedish Cancer Registry in Sweden between 1970 and 2013. Their scientific article published in BMC Cancer in July 2016 notes that the radiation sensitive type of thyroid cancer (papillary) in particular is increasing among both women and men.

Women 20-39 years

In recent years there has been a break of the trend with a much more pronounced yearly increase in thyroid cancer incidence. A particularly alarming increase is seen among women aged 20-39 years (see the chart below of the number of cases per 100 000 inhabitants). In 2008, Apple introduced iPhone in Sweden that quickly became very popular.


Read more


September 3, 2015

Complaint to EU Commission from 20 organisations: Misleading and biased expert report (SCENIHR)

September 3, 2015

EU_kommissionenA complaint from 20 organisations to the European Commission about the SCENIHR 2015 opinion on health effects from electromagnetic fields was sent on September 2, 2015. The organisations call for an annullement of the misleading and biased SCENIHR 2015 report on EMFs and a new balanced and independent assessment by scientists without ties to the industry concerned about the outcome of the opinion.

The SCENIHR 2015 report is biased and misleading. The experts behind the SCENIHR report are not representative of the scientific expertise in the field. They only represent the industry friendly single side of the expertise, in well known contrast to the opinion of a large and increasing number of scientists in the EMF scientific arena.

As an example, in May 2015 195 international EMF scientists sent an appeal to the United Nations, the WHO and it’s member states calling for better protection for the public from known health risks, more stringent standards and broader information to the public. Many of these 195 scientists are well respected, with decades of experience from the EMF health effects research.

There is evidence that clearly, convincingly and increasingly establishes that there are many potential negative health effects and health hazards:  brain tumours, cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, damage on fetuses and stress related diseases, as communicated to the Commission by the Bioinitiative group. The SCENIHR report ignores the scientific evidence of health risks from levels of exposure to electromagnetic fields that practically everybody is increasingly exposed to, including small children, in most countries in Europe today. It is a disservice to the people of Europe and an indirect threat to their health.


August 27, 2015

Former WHO Director General Gro Harlem Brundtland: ”No doubt there are health effects from mobile phone radiation”

gro1The former Director General of the UN World Health Organisation and former Prime Minister of Norway Gro Harlem Brundtland recently said during an interview with Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten that she gets a headache right away if she puts a mobile phone to the head. She also said that she has had health problems from mobile phone radiation for 25 years, and that research shows that there is no doubt that there are adverse health effects linked to this technology.

The former head of the WHO encouraged the public to protect themselves against the radiation from wireless technology:

– I want to say that you should protect yourself. Do not keep the cell phone in your pocket, she cautioned.

Headache caused by mobile phone

Gro Harlem Brundtland, who is a trained medical doctor, was the Director General of the WHO during 1998-2003. She uses her own mobile phone as little as possible and always keeps the phone as far away from the body as possible when she for instance has to send a text message
– I cannot have cell phone radiation near the head. I get an immediate headache. My body has reacted to cell phone radiation for 25 years, she told the reporters. Read more


shutterstock_54123526Bias in the assessment of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) at the EU-commission

40 NGOs lodge a complaint to the European Ombudsman

The recent assessment of Electromagnetic Field health risks by a European Commission expert group1 is largely biased towards a pro-industrial scientific viewpoint, according to 39 NGOs. The organisations claim that the SCENIHR experts omitted the contradictory conclusions of a substantial part of the scientific community, and that some of the experts have close links to the telecom or electrical industry. – This might explain why they discarded all alarming studies on brain tumours and other diseases, says Mona Nilsson, chair of the Swedish Radiation Protection Foundation. A new balanced assessment is urgently needed if we don’t want to risk Public Health by policies based on incomplete and biased data. Read more

October 20, 2014

Sharp increase in patients treated for brain tumors with unclear diagnosis in Sweden

shutterstock_131686058stresskvinnaAn increasing number of patients are treated for brain tumor ”of unknown nature” in Sweden since 2008, but the increase is not reflected in the national cancer registry. – It is serious if the statistics on new cases of brain tumors is incorrect because the brain tumor statistics is widely being used as an argument that cell phones do not increase the risk of cancer and brain tumors, says Mona Nilsson, Chairman of Swedish Radiation Protection Foundation.

Swedish Radiation Protection Foundation has compiled statistics from the Swedish Health Board registry’s database on the number of patients treated for brain tumors in Sweden as well as from the cancer registry and cause of death registry, during the last decade. The number of people receiving treatment fora brain tumor”of unknown nature” increased by almost 30% only between 2008 and 2012. At the same time, the number of patients with a confirmed brain tumor diagnosis remained relatively stablel. Read more


October 13, 2014

In Memory of police officer Roger Carlström

roger_carlströmWe have received the sad news that Roger Carlstrom from Trelleborg, Sweden has left us. He died on October 3, only 8 days before his 50th birthday, from the brain tumor he was diagnosed with in December 2011.

Roger worked as a police officer for over 25 years and was at the time of the onset of the brain tumor field officer at Trelleborg Police.

Roger Carlstrom was our friend. His courage was unique and he cared ´genuinely for other people. These characteristics prompted him to openly talk about his illness and what caused it. He was convinced that it was caused by the new police radio system Tetra. Roger wanted to warn others so that they would not be injured as he was. Read more


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